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My Story

it started with a shake…

For years I obsessed over losing weight. Indoctrinating myself into a belief system that if I lost x number of pounds I would be my ideal self. Not only would everyone else love me, but I would love myself, too. I tried every single diet I could get my hands on. Including, immersing myself into a network marketing company that masterfully played on my weaknesses. Through that company, I was sold a perfectly crafted lie. Not only could I have THE PERFECT BODY. I could also have THE PERFECT LIFESTYLE AND BANK ACCOUNT to go with it.  


I recruited, I “shared” not sold, because that was the rhetoric we were taught to use. After repeated back-to-back restrictive 30 day systems with claims of losing 5-20 pounds. I didn’t see results to even touch those- I felt like, “WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH ME?” I could coach people to results, but not see them myself? This made no sense, yet I pushed myself harder, got more restrictive. Beat myself up a little bit more. 
I would step on the scale and let that number determine my worth for the day. If the number went up, my worth went down. If the number went down, I felt slightly better about myself.


 my transition to intuitive eating  


The reason I now approach life with a more balanced intuitive guide is that I believe in body-wisdom. I learned to *be still and know*. There is a knowing we all have if we take time to listen to it. That when we tune out of everything else we can TUNE IN to what is going on in our bodies. When we do that we are able to take a step back and give ourselves the freedom to explore, not from a goal of weight loss but from the outcome of having a more full, and beautiful LIFE.

For example, I know, without a doubt if I do not get a good amount of protein in the morning I will feel light-headed, this is not something someone could have told me, this came from evaluation and carefully tuning into my intuition. Diet culture teaches – push past the hunger cues, you’re not really hungry! You are also taught that foods are bad or good when food is actually just neutral. The important thing here is to approach the process and your body without judgment.   


Intuitive Coaching

Learn the shifts that are best for YOUR body and lifestyle. 

Get Results

At the end of this course you will learn how to tap into your intuition. 

Online Course

Take the self-paced course teaching you how to find balance in your life. 

Coaching women to break free from body-negativity is my passion. And it’s why I created these courses.

At the end of the day, life is more than what the scale says about you.  For far too long I let the scale govern how I felt about myself. This tiny mind trick made me feel less than who I was. When I learned to shift into gratitude and found balance in intuitive eating I started experiencing the most beautiful thing possible – food & scale freedom! Through intuitive coaching I can help you break free from the mental and emotional blocks that hold you back. 


Take the course on intuitive eating and learn how to take back balance in your life! 

Intuitive Eating Journal

Gratitude Journal


Online Community

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About Kelly

Certified Health + Life Coach

Spending years in the health and wellness industry Kelly is well versed in the pressures, triggers and cultural implications for women when it comes to health. After a decade of pressuring herself to lose pounds, Kelly found a better direction, focusing on nutrition, empowering herself to live boldly as she was created, and helping other women to see themselves as powerful, strong beings no matter what they weigh. 

Kelly is a certified health coach through Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and she is in process of getting her life coaching certification. 


Confused? Underwhelmed? Overwhelmed? I get it.

The health industry has profited for a long time on people who don’t know what to do!

I am here to flip the script and help you take control of your health!

My Approach

After years of learning what didn’t work I have learned what does work! A mind in gratitude and focused attention on individual factors. 

My Process

Through a self-paced journey you will learn how to identify foods that work for you and what doesn’t work. 

Unique Framework

When it comes to food and nutrition there is no one size fits all solution. Because of that, this intuitive eating program helps you identify what works best for you. 

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