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In this season, I feel grateful for to have the chance to evaluate what is most important in life, how each aspect of life affects the other.

For a long time, I have dreamed of the opportunity to teach courses on topics I love. Here you’ll find classes on charcuterie, blogging, and branding. All within this safe space, that’s well crafted to serve you. 





Here are the classes we currently offer.
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Blogging 101

Do you need a space to unleash your creativity? Do you want to access to passive income? Do you have ideas you are passionate about sharing? 

In this class you will learn:

  1. Why should I start a Blog.
  2. How to Name your Blog
  3. Which Platform should I choose
  4. Setting up a blog
  5. Creating the first post
  6. Plugins and how to use them
  7. Intro to SEO’s… what is SEO anyway??
  8. Intro to passive income making
  9. How to come up with 100 post ideas at once!

Craft Your Brand

Imagine having a brand you love! One with clear direction with your goals and audience in mind.

In this class you will learn:

  1. How to identify your ideal customer
  2. How to come up with brand look/feel
  3. How to design your own logo
  4. Best file formats
  5. Logo placement and usage
  6. Brand kit templates



Charcuterie Design

Learn how to design a world-class charcuterie board! 

In this class you will learn:

  1.  What type of board to use
  2. Where to shop/what to buy with a downloadable shopping list 
  3. How to arrange your board
  4. Seasonal board ideas
  5. Dinner board ideas






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