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Here’s a question I get a lot — what should my blog be about?

If this question has you stuckā€¦

Here are some ideas to help get you going:

1. Do you have multiple passions and ideas you want to share?

If so, a blog is a great place to get those ideas out. Not only that, but a blog can also help you find your people.

2. What types of blogs do you like to read?

The blogs you like to read will help you clue in on the type of blog that would be fun for you to write!

3. Share what you know!

What do people ask you about? You are the go-to on _______________. Whatever you would put in that blank is a good clue as to what your blog topic might be!

4. Think about what’s missing from your favorite blogs.

When you read blogs what is missing? What could you help add to the subject?

5. What problem can you help solve?

Do you know of something that could help new moms, new artists, new business owners, brides-to-be? If so, your blog could really help people navigate through a season of life!

6. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

What are your goals for the next year? What about for the next five? Determining your goals can help you think through your direction for your blog.

7. What are your favorite products that you love to share?

Next, think about your favorite products. This can help you with your affiliate marketing set up! For instance, I started sharing my love for (ad:) CBD oil (some advertisers will even give you custom coupon codes, for example, you can use KELLY20 for 20% off my fave CBD oil!)

8. Practice writing.

Next, try practicing writing on whatever topic you have decided to go with. Writing helps me get clear. Whenever I need to bring clarity to a topic I like to write about. Try it! One tool I love to help with writing is Grammarly.

9. Sign up for the blogging 101 class

Finally, get started on your blog and move your dream and idea for your blog forward today!

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