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There are so many tools out there you could use for running your blog. All of these tools are tried, tested, and tools I currently use to run my business. Here are my favorite tools for running a successful business!

There are so many tools out there you could use for running your blog. Here are my favorite tools for running a successful blog!
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This online design tool takes so much guesswork out of image sizing, font selection, colors, honestly – so much! I use this for creating social media images for Pinterest, Instagram, facebook, and my blog.

Creative Market

Creative Market has a ton of templates and ideas to explore! My favorite part is every single Monday Creative Market sends out an email with free downloads. Some of my favorite fonts have come from Creative Market Monday downloads!


Many of you already know this, but WordPress is my fave. is an online software package (to be installed on a host) you can use to build your website, or your blog, or your website with a blog! WordPress powers over 30% of the internet today! WordPress is FREE, but hosting is not, so make sure you are choosing a hosting platform that works for you! This is definitely one of my all-time favorite tools for running a successful blog!


Next, Bluehost is a great beginner hosting platform. You can set up WordPress and begin your website/blog with just a few clicks. Bluehost will walk you through how to buy a domain and set it all up from there.


I’m sure you already know this but if not, make sure to set up a Pinterest account and start a board called – The Best of _____________ (your business name in that blank. Once you create images in Canva you will be able to load them into your posts and Pinterest and start sharing your content on Pinterest, the next tool, Tailwind, will multiply your Pinterest strategy 10 fold.


Next, you need to get Tailwind for Pinterest! This tool is a lot to take in at first, but with the functionality of scheduling (yes! a Pinterest scheduler) and Tribes – which is a genius way of getting your content seen and shared, it is a must join. The paid plan adds more data and analytics and helps you get a good hold on which pins are performing the best. This is great for figuring out your Pinterest strategy.


Finally, this is one of my favorite tools. I do not know how I lived this long without a tool like Grammarly! Do you remember the old school paper clip on MS office? That guy was a little bothersome – always popping in and reminding you of what you already knew. Grammarly is the opposite – it helps correct your grammar, spelling, and protect against plagiarism, it is unobtrusive and even helps you adjust your tone to be more fitting for the situation. Once you download it you are able to use it across apps and the web, making it such a valuable tool!

Thanks for checking out this post with my favorite tools for running a successful blog! If you think I should add anything let me know!