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Morning Mindfulness Challenge Begins in








Starting your day with this Morning Mindfulness Challenge will bring awareness and positivity to your day.

So often we hop out of bed and rush our way through the morning. Whether it is taking care of everyone else under your roof before you get a moment to yourself. Or maybe it is hard for you to overcome the morning fog to get yourself in gear.

The overall consensus is mornings feel rushed with no time to do things like eat a healthy breakfast or slowly start your day.  I completely understand a slow start to the day isn’t a luxury that can be had by everyone during the week. This week, I want to help inspire you to make a small step toward a mindful morning.  

This week we’ll have our Morning Mindfulness Challenge by starting each day with a small gratitude list and a healthy breakfast.  These are tiny ways to make a big step toward a healthier, more mindful morning habit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how doing this for one week will shift things for you. 

So, it’s quite simple! Your marching orders are to make time, no matter what, for a healthy breakfast each morning this week. Plan ahead the night before if you have to. While you sit down to eat breakfast, spend just a few minutes (don’t skip this part, it’s so essential) writing down 5-10 things you’re grateful for.  

If you’d like some healthy breakfast inspiration, here are a few of my favorite quick, healthy breakfasts:

Healthy Breakfast Bowl

Overnight Oats


Quick Breakfast Ideas

I’ll be adding a new tip each day during our 5-Day Series on how you can further create mindful mornings even after our series is over, so stay tuned!