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How to Start a Successful Blog

It is easier than ever before to start a successful blog!

You may be asking yourself, why would I add another thing to my plate? The answer is LOTS OF REASONS! Here are 3 quick reasons to get you started!

  1. Share your passions and gifts with the world. Know how to bake amazing cookies? How to make really cool DIY crafts? Know some cool life hacks? Yes, the world needs you to share this info!
  2. Make some cash! Who doesn’t love some real actual cash in your pocket! When you share your thoughts and gifts with the world people will want to read and learn from you, and ad revenue is real!
  3. It’s easy! When I first started blogging 15 years ago, there were not near as many tools and resources as there are now! It’s now simpler than ever to start a blog!

Start with WHY. Ask yourself, WHY you want to start a successful blog. Like Simon Sinek, ask yourself why you want to start a blog? This is often way more important than WHAT or HOW. Once you know WHY you want to start a blog, you will have fuel to get you through the next steps.

So how get started? Here are some tips and tricks for you!

Choose Your Hosting

I highly recommend Bluehost, not only do they make it so super simple, they also give you a free domain name with your hosting package, this is often a $15-$20 savings! I’m excited to over you an exclusive deal just for my followers. You’ll save off of the standard hosting packages when you go here.

1. First you will set up your account with Bluehost.

2. Next you will select your plan.

3. Choose your Domain

This is important because this is what people are going to type in to find your website. You want to make it easy to remember and also easy to spell.

4. Enter your payment info

5. Set up your password

6. Login with your shiny new account.

7. Pick your WordPress theme.

WordPress comes with a lot of FREE themes that are amazing and easy to use.

8. Login to your website.

You’ll see your dashboard, ready to go!

9. Bluehost provides you with some really helpful tools right away!

10. I usually like to start by configuring my title, subtitle, and then tweaking things from there.

When you are ready, launch your new blog!

11. Begin editing and create your first post!

It’s so fun to start sharing your ideas! Get to writing and click post and you’ll have your first post up to share with the world!