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Do you ever deal with a lack of clarity, sluggishness, or an inability to concentrate? Sometimes, the best way to describe it is just feeling “fuzzy.” I’m confident this is something we’ve all felt at times, but if you deal with this regularly, it’s time to get to the root of the brain fog so you can feel top-notch. 

Here is How to Deal With Brain Fog:

Ditch the sugar 

I know, I know. Easier said than done, right? Sugar might give you initial pep, but what comes next is the energy plummet. Simple carbohydrates can also slow you down and make you feel sluggish.

Stop sitting for long periods

You may have an office job that has you sitting at a desk for most of the day, but taking short breaks throughout the day can combat the inactivity.

So get up every 30 minutes to an hour to stretch or take a quick lap around the office. This movement gets the blood circulating and keeps things going throughout the day. 

Make sleep and meditation top priorities

Why do we always put sleep on the back burner? Start going to bed earlier each night.  If this is a recurring issue in your life, start by going to bed 30 minutes earlier each night for a week, and adding another 30 minutes the following week — until you get to a decent bedtime that gets you the sleep you need.  During the day, aim to meditate for at least 5-10 minutes. Meditation has the effect of making you feel well-rested and improves your mental well-being, clearing the fog.

Say ‘sayonara’ to stress

Focus on what stresses you out the most and turn it around for the better. There are always baby step improvements we can make to lessening our stress load — so start small, and start with something reasonable and actionable you can easily adjust to. If you haven’t been moving your body, also focus on some type of movement you enjoy to get your blood pumping, and your stress levels evened out. 

Try CBD Oil

It’s a natural mood booster that could help you shake off that feeling of being “off” with brain fog. It can help reduce the overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety as well. This CBD oil is my favorite.

If nothing seems to help, though, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get thoroughly checked out. Brain fog can merely be a symptom of lack of sleep, or pushing yourself too hard. But it can also indicate an underlying condition if it persists. Chances are, if you make some of these changes and see no improvement, your doctor will need to get to the root cause to help you clear the fog away. 

What did you think about this post on how to deal with brain fog? Have you ever experienced brain fog?