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Have you ever wondered how to choose the right running shoe? Choosing the right shoe is sometimes passed over for what looks the best or the cheapest option. Let’s be straight-up- this isn’t going to work any more sister. You need to have shoes which properly fit YOUR foot – if you pronate, supinate, or if you are neutral.

How to Choose The Right Running Shoes

First, make sure to go to a place that knows shoes – have them do what’s called a gait analysis – this will help you find out where you apply pressure on your foot while walking and running. Finding out this information will help properly support your foot and lead to less injury over time. They will likely suggest to size up at least half a size. As you run, your foot slides forward in your shoe – so ultimately, this helps prevent bruising your toes. Through this process I found I need a neutral shoe, size 11.

The days of just aimlessly buying my favorite looking shoes are gone. After several injuries, including a calf strain and an IT band issue, I am an advocate for choosing the RIGHT shoes!

If you don’t have a place like this in your area – you can also take this quiz online.

I have rotated between a few brands of shoes Mizuno, Brooks, and On Cloud. I came back to Brooks because I feel the shoe offers my foot the best support and puts a literal spring in my step. This time I went from the Brooks Glycerine to the Brooks Levitate 2. So far, the Levitate is now one of my favorite fitting shoes – it is sleek, provides good cushion, and yet doesn’t feel bulky on my foot. So far, this is one of my favorite running shoes. Give it a try – and bonus – these are a lot less than some of the other Brooks shoes!

Brooks Levitate 2

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