finding joy

a five week journaling challenge



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a five week journaling challenge

finding joy.

Sudden change and uncertainty have left a lot of us feeling unsettled, unstable, and unable to find our footing. But the disappearance of what we knew as life brings an opportunity to begin again — a chance to start fresh. What you want has always been an inside job. In a time when you can’t go out, why not go in?

I have an invitation for you to go on an interactive journey to…

• Reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and ultimately what you need most right now

• Gather the information you need to understand what your next step is

• Get clear on all that’s standing in your way

• Learn how to leverage your current strengths to create more opportunities in your life and work

• Discover the choices you need to make or stop making to get you to where you want to be




this is a 5 week, powerful,

interactive journaling challenge


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Each week will provide a theme to explore. There are journaling prompts each week to dig deeper into the theme, “Pick Your Own Path” adventures to go on during the week, and further “Heart-work” questions to reveal anything else that may be hiding beneath the surface ready to be revealed.

This community piece is a powerful one — we are all puzzle pieces to each other’s possibility, and the intimacy of sharing our hearts with each other is healing and inspiring.

Sometimes we need to step back before we move forward.

Finding Joy was created to help you do just that.

Reveal what’s stirring beneath the surface, bring it to light, and tap into the joy that’s within you right this very moment.

Are you ready?


what people are saying

“Life Changing”

“Being part of this personal adventure was life changing. Having the time to step out of the daily grind and engage in new thoughts, ideas and directions was such a gift. The time commitment is minimal but the impact is enormous. I feel connected to my inner world in a way I haven’t for a long time. Thank you for guiding us on this adventure!”

– Lori L. 

“Perfect Timing”

” During this time of quarantine it has been hard for me to find joy, this program was absolutely perfect timing and helped me think through things in new ways ”

-Jeanne P.

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