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After making this 3 times, a variety of ways, I decided it was high time this easy whole 30 breakfast went up on this blog!


Favorite Breakfast Souflee | Whole 30 + Paleo Approved

First things first, slice up some sweet potatoes, I use the food processor because ain’t no one got time to thinly slice sweet potatoes. Plus man, I really like my fingers in tact.

Okay, next grab your chicken sausage/turkey sausage/ground turkey – honestly y’all whatever you prefer! I have done both turkey sausage and chicken sausage with some crushed red pepper and it’s DELISH. Remove from the casings and place in a pan with a little evoo and let it brown up. This is an EASY Whole 30 Breakfast for a reason! 

Then, you’re gonna want to start the next step, which is cracking a ton of eggs, an entire dozen to be exact. So, get to work, be careful not to get little shell pieces into the eggs. Once you get them all cracked, get ready to whip. Add a bit of salt & pepper to the eggs, then whip the eggs with a fork.

Next, take a handful of fresh spinach, some sun-dried tomatoes (about 1/2 c.) — I realllllly like sun-dried tomatoes, so if you don’t like them as much as me, use less, and dunk them into the egg mixture, this will make more sense later, promise. As soon as you get this combined, you’re gonna love what’s next.

Coat an 9 x 11 pan with olive oil or coconut oil (I use spray versions and it works amazingly well) add sliced sweet potatoes to the bottom like so.


Sweet potatoes as a crust, such a genius invention.

Next, put the browned turkey/chicken/ whatever you decided to use on top, then pour your spinach/egg/sundried tomato mixture on top of that.



Depending on how high you want your eggs, I also sometimes add a carton of egg whites to boost the protein and so the egg coats more of the ingredients, totally up to you tho.

Once you do this, stick the pan in the oven for about 30-45 mins at 450 – you’ll want to check the middle, if its runny stick it back in the oven for a little longer.

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So what did you think? If you tried it please let me know! And please share with your friends. 🙂