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I call this easy base mayo because once you master this simple recipe you can add so many things to it to make aioli’s, sauces, ranch dressing, etc! This has been a staple for me on whole 30 and I wouldn’t want to live without this simple recipe. You won’t need store-bought mayo ever again!

from here you can do so many things.

You’ll need a few supplies first.
– A wide mouth mason jar
– An immersion blender

Then for ingredients you’ll need:
1 egg
1/2 tsp mustard (yellow or dijon is fine)
a splash of apple cider vinegar
1 c. avocado oil or light tasting olive oil
a few cracks of a salt + pepper mill

You’re going to dump all of these ingredients into that wide mouth mason jar (crack the egg first, please), take your immersion blender place fully in the jar, submerging in the ingredients, press the on button and let the ingredients emulsify together, producing the quickest, easiest mayo, takes about 30-45 seconds.

The biggest difference between this mayo and shelf stable mayo is there is no junk, no soy, no additives, so refrigerate right away – it will last about 2 weeks, you’ll have no issue using it before then!

Quick immersion blender cleaning hack:

fill a salad sized bowl about half way with water + 1 pump of dish soap, use the immersion blender to blend it, and wallah, clean blender. towel dry and put it away, and you’re done – until next time.

For spicy mayo:

I do the easy base mayo recipe above and I add 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp ground cayenne pepper and blend.

To turn this into a spicy sauce to use on cabbage and/or broccoli slaw (GREAT ON TACOS) just add equal parts ACV to the amount of sauce you want to make!

For aioli:

check out this lemon dill aioli recipe!

Check out this lemon dill aioli recipe!

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