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Experience nature’s natural stress relief through CBD oil. 

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Headache relief

Natural pain relief for headaches brought on by stress or inflamation. 

Benefits of CBD Oil

About a month ago I started taking CBD oil, and I found it to have immediate favorable effects for stress, anxiety, and better sleep. One little bottle does so much. I know there is a lot to demystify in the world of this oil, but here’s a good place to start.

CBD oil is naturally derived from the marijuana plant – a compound known as cannabinoids. This particular compound does not contain THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana.

Do you have moments of high stress where you feel your heart beating faster like you’re going to snap at your kids or someone you love? Yep, me too. I thought this was just stress, but the first time I took the CBD oil and felt an immediate release I knew it was more, it was the anxiety I was carrying.

Our lives are increasingly stressful with a lot of different factors playing into it. Many people are not aware of how stressed they are because they are so used to feeling that way (like I was).

There are many ways to use the oil. It can relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, can reduce acne, can reduce cancer-related symptoms, and it can also be beneficial for heart health as well as a lot of other benefits.

In addition to meditation, CBD oil has helped me address stress and anxiety in my life in a healthy way. By taking the oil once or twice a day I have been able to increase my quality of life by reducing stress and anxiety.

I have also found as I use it 1ml before bed in a tsp of honey that I sleep so much better, I’m not getting up every few hours to use the bathroom. Which is a nice change.

The taste is a little intense for me which is why I take it in honey. It has a very earthy taste. You can also get different flavors of the oil and different potencies and doses. As mentioned I have been using it mainly for stress, anxiety, and sleep but I do want to find one that will help me with occasional headaches.

This is the CBD oil I use and recommend. Lazarus Naturals 900mg – standard potency.

This brand was recommended to me because it is west coast CBD, many east coast CBD oils may have mold due to the humid climate. Since CBD oil is not yet regulated by the FDA these are things consumers need to be aware of before making a purchase.


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