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Okay curly girl, this one is for you.

I have struggled with loving my curls. It was really only about 4 or so years ago that curly products, cuts, support groups (yes, curly girls need their support groups, too!) really started popping up. I’ve really tried almost EVERYTHING to achieve the perfect non-frizzy curl. Products, styling tools, cuts, methods – they have all seduced me by their simplicity – and left me feeling frustrated and confused.

If you are a curly girl too, you will love these 5 ways to embrace your curls without spending a fortune.


  1. Dig deep and realize that honoring your curls is one of the best ways to be your true most authentic self, which I’m all about! By being who you really are you are stepping into who God created you to be. So, remember that when/if the process takes a bit longer than you originally thought.
  2. Find the products that work for you. Easier said than done right? There are literally products in EVERY price range. So don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to figure it out. You can look up your hair type, too, to really dial in on the best products for you. For instance I found out my hair is low-porosity, which means when I put oils on my hair they just sit on top causing my hair to look really greasy. So heavy curl creams, oils, etc, are not for me.
  3. Find the SYSTEM that works for you. So there are really two basic parts to being successful as a curly girl. Products & System. You can have the right products but the wrong system or vice versa. Systems or methods can include curl cream on sopping wet hair followed by gel, then wrap in a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Then there’s a method where you do that in a different order.Here’s the system that works best for my hair type.
    1. Use Shea Moisture Co-Wash in the shower, shower as usual, rinse
    2. When I get out of the shower with my hair soaking wet I apply Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
    3. Use a t-shirt (yes, like a regular ol t-shirt) to wrap my hair up, let sit for 10-30 mins (but no longer)
    4. Apply Shea Moisture Anti-Frizz Gel – this is a step I sometimes don’t even get to.
    Note – if you are showering at night and planning to sleep on your hair do not do step 4 and use a “Buff” on your hair to sleep, this will help cut down on frizz, and you will wake up surprised by how good your curls look!
  4. Tweak the system, then tweak it again. I did not get it right the first time, nor the second, or the third. And finding products I wanted to try proved problematic. Look online – then look on apps on your phone (target & walmart have apps you can look products up on – which works great for price comparison – for example my favorite curl cream shea moisture is cheaper on amazon (as an add on item) than it is at target. Same product, but saving $2 each time you buy product adds up!
  5. Find a stylist who gets you and your hair! I have been to a lot of stylists who wanted to straighten my hair, and while I appreciated this at the time because I would not take the time to do this to my super thick curly hair, it did not ultimately teach me ANYTHING about my hair or how to style it. If your stylist gets curly hair they will teach you tips and tricks for your hair and most importantly – they won’t straighten it!

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I hope these have helped you to embrace your curls. Let me know what you think!