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Every time I make this I just feel like it NEEDS to be shared with the world.

I think of all of the people wandering mindlessly around Target filling their carts with foaming hand soap bottles and wasting their money on basically….water. Yeah, 90% of foaming hand soap is water. So, instead make your own, it’s easy, it’s way cheaper, and your kids will think you’re a super hero!

Here’s all you’ll need:

Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser – we like these Method ones
Castile Soap (any scent works), I’m a big fan of peppermint  (can’t decide? check out this 5 pack!)
Essential Oils (optional) – during cold + flu season I like to add this oil.


  1. Fill your empty soap bottle 4/5ths full with water
  2. Fill the remaining way with castile soap + essential oils
  3. Shake gently to combine

*note: don’t add the soap first, it will get super foamy and MESSY. You’ll thank me later.

Did you make this?? Let me know what you think!

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